Separate standing demountable training rack.

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The rack was designed to provide training in confined spaces, for example, in a rental apartment with no need of hanging a rock-climbing board in the doorway. It can be assembled and disassembled fast and easily, at the same time in the assembled state it is very stable. The designers have taken into consideration all modern methods of rock-climbing conditioning training, such as: hanging on two hands with support, hanging on one hand with a counterweight, pull-ups, different kinds of trainings with rubber bands and so on.

Removable gusset plate with two openings, a pulley with a reepschnur hitched over it is hung on the far opening, a handle hangs on one end of the reepschnur, and a load hangs on the other end (not included). In this option the gusset can be used for hanging and pull-ups on one hand, moreover separating the load and handle from the main working plane allows you train much more comfortably rather than the load is in the working plane. The second option is when two pulleys are hung on the close and far openings, and the near end of the reepschnur is fixed to the athlete's harness. In this option you can train with support, for example, perform interval hard grip hang or post injury rehab practice.

With the gusset removed you get access to all the openings on the rear panel, some of the openings (all in the bottom row) carry a functional load. Small openings are used to hang dangling exercise equipment, counterweights or just ropes and hooks for training like Chris Webb Parsons. Large openings are designed for hanging rubber bands to facilitate different kinds of pull-ups.

Front panel has a lot of openings with M10 tee nuts, the same as used on all standard climbing walls. This allows you to use not only different screw-fastened boards, but any hooks you like. The panel width is 100 cm, it means that your grip can be quite wide, also you can hang any fingerboards available at the moment in the world. 

Height - 2,3m
Width - 1,0m
Depth - 1,0m
Weight - 30kg.
Dimensions of the front panel - 1,0m x 450mm
Material - waterproof birch plywood.

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Training Rack 2,3m

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