•  Terminator (rotating handle)

The main idea of an adjustable wrist expander Terminator with a rotating handle is comfortable training. While training, fingers twist onto the handle and this makes it comfortable. It is no secret that in other expanders with non-rotating handles, the exercise is split into 2 parts. First, you slightly press, then put an expander into your palm running fingers one by one. Once everything is done, you press a few times.

If an expander “slipped”, you have to stop the exercise. With Terminator, there is nothing like that: you can completely unclench your hand between sets and then fully clench it - everything is easy. At this, it rolls on the palm massaging your fingers, instead of pinching them in one place, squeezing and restricting blood circulation.
Parallel stroke of the handles, intensity (10-70 kg) and stroke length adjustment. You can hang up another rubber to double the intensity if necessary.

Material: birch, birch plywood.

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Terminator (rotating handle)

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