Fitness equipment for sports

Simulators of own production for rock climbing, crossfit, fitness and other functional sports.


Production of simulators for climbing walls and gyms


The Workshop 19/50 specializes in manufacture of the tailor-made training gear and climbing gym accessories

To date, climbing is sought-after among the active athletic people. Training gears have been sophisticated day by day for climbing, as well as in any advanced discipline. Innovative training equipment and accessories for climbing gyms are designed and manufactured at the Workshop 19/50.

Our element is wood. Training gear of wood is the most prevalent and essential for regular trainings. Why? Wood is the natural material which is touch-pleasant. Gentle skin care is the most distinguishing feature of wood against other material. If you intend to be the top-ranked climbing gym for the concerned parties, add more wood!

For over three years, we have proved to be a reliable partner and supplier of the training equipment for the leading climbing centers in Russia. Climbing centers that are proud of our campus boards include Yarous in Vladimir, Rabotnisa in Voronezh, Limestone in Moscow, Mountain in Cherepovets, Skalodrom 9A in Rostov-on-Don and this list is inexhaustible from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Workshop 19/50 is a partner of the Russian Climbing Federation committing to promote and popularize this discipline.

Workshop 19/50 product catalog offers all the required accessories to arrange campus boards, the equipment for recreation grounds and a wide range of self-training machines for fingers and arms, including training systems uniquely designed!

Own production and high quality products

Complete range of wooden training equipment for climbers in Russia

A great number of designer training equipment without equals!

Fit for climbing gyms, fitness centers and home use.

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