Wooden bars of cylindrical shape and different widths for active pinch grip training. Unlike analogues made of resin and plastic, these bars protect your skin.


Fasten the wooden bars on a campus or a strong overhang horizontally for hangs, chin-ups and monkey bars. For training a vertical type of pinch, we recommend mounting the bars on the ceiling in order to avoid injuries. The reason is anatomical features of the wrist: holding the pinch in the state of a pulled back wrist (the hand inclined towards the little finger typical for overhangs) is extremely dangerous for elbow ligaments and ligaments of the wrist joint

Cylinder Hitch Hold 100mm

Diameter - 100mm
Height - 90mm
Length - 200mm
Material - beech wood.

Cylinder Hitch Hold 80mm

Diameter - 80mm
Height - 70mm
Length - 200mm
Material - beech wood.

Cylinder Hitch Hold 60mm

Diameter - 60mm
Height - 55mm
Length - 200mm
Material - beech wood.

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Cylinder Hitch Hold

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